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Why you want to choose us?

1. An efficient, accurate and user friendly system. Our process has proven its efficiency and accuracy in past years with overwhelming responses from our customers. In addition to its high performance, it is also simple and user friendly to set up your application and portfolios with little or no knowledge in the backend technology.

2. Cost and affordability. We served the community free for many years until 2009. Since the running cost of the system has considerably increased, we are forced to charge the very minimal cost with better quality service and increased features to our customers. Still we have the best price out in the market.

3. Founded by Residents and IT engineers. Path2residency was not founded by business entrepreneurs but real medical residency applicants and IT engineers who completely understand the problems and need for their customers more than a business. This has substantially helped us to improve the service with a reasonable cost.

4. Proven success history since 2004. We started to serve the community since 2004. Since then we only have success story of customers who were helped with our services. 
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