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“I was waiting with 3 interviews and was so disappointed on match day. I did not match. Mainly because I didn't have my ECMG certification yet. Then few friends of mine referred me to Path2residency.com. I thought I would give it a try. I  created my resume, uploaded the documents and enabled the scrambling process. I couldn't believe what happened later. Unbelievable, I got many calls and emails from different programs with in days and I chose one, that was ETSU, Tennessee. Thanks a loooooooooooooooot !! "

Dr. Kallada MD,
Springfield Clinic


“Where would I be without Path2Residency.com? Path2Residency.com saved me an year of waiting plus the money. Tremendous support and user-friendly communications. I knew all program directors who looked at my resume at what time, amazing !! "

Dr. Schultz,
Radiology  Resident

“Most importantly, (PathToResidency.com) is a secure site and fast. No nightmare of faxing and Emailing documents. I was notified automatically by email when a program director looks at my resume, amazing"

Dr.  Morrison,
IM Resident

   "In the hectic and demanding world of competition, I have found that technology can help save time and money. However, I had to wait until I knew about Path2Residency.com to experience that. It has helped keep me achieve my ambitions"

Thank you for a great program “

Dr.  Kener,
Pediatric Resident

“It was unbelievable until I got my Step 2 CS was booked the next week at the nearest center. It completely changed my whole plan of doing a residency this year. I was so relieved since I could complete my Clinical skill exam be fore starting to attend my interview."

Thank you Soooo much"

Dr. Ali
USMLE Candidate

“I was in the verge of canceling my  air ticket to US since I could not get an Date for my Clinical Skill exam. So I just gave Path2Residency.com a try. Unbelievable, I got the date 4 days after my expected arrival in the US. path2Residency.com  made my life easier than ever plus a huge money on  air ticket. Thank to Path2Residency.com, you are amazing"

Dr. Reddy,
USMLE Candidate

“I qualified to take my  clinical skill test only on 11/2/2005 and I had no hope to start my residency in 2006 since there was no date available to take my clinical skill exam before December 2005. I booked my date on Jan 12, 2006 at  Atlanta any way. I wanted Philadelphia but there was nothing available for months and so planned to go back to India after January. I heard about Path2Residency.com from a forum. I registered and submitted my choices. It all took  few minutes. I was so surprised when I received an email from  you next day morning saying that my date was booked on 11/28 at Philadelphia. I was very happy and thankful to your service. I have also subscribed to your scrambling service since my chance of finding a residency program in the main match is limited since I could not apply for many programs.  It was very easy to select my preferred specialty and university through your  web interface which  also walked me through uploading the documents.

Dr. Vasanthy,
Medical Student

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