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Product and Services

FREE Residency online Application Processing:
  1. You create and manage your residency application, and send to the programs you want by one click.
  2. Unlike ERAS, you control and decide what, when and where to send your application.
  3. There is NO limit to the number of applications you can send.
  4. No calling and waiting for customer service to change your option and get confusing explanation.
  5. There is no middle man between you and your choice.
  6. Optionally, you can activate this application to scramble on match day.
  7. You can upload documents and your own photo
  8. Upload up to 10 minutes video  and let program know who you are before they are even ready to call you.
  9. Unique feature:
    • Program directors can initiate a chat session online with one click of a button right from your online application when you are online.
    • Program can initiate an interest to talk to you by just sending a quick text message to you to call them.
    • You can view the real time status of your application when a program views it online.
  10. And more interesting, it is all FREE!

View a sample application

NRMP post match scrambling: This is a one year subscription service for processing and managing applications for NRMP post match scrambling for residency programs in the US. Using this service an applicant can select the programs that is best  matching to his/her interest and easily link an application packet to suit the selected program. This is a one time task. Everything from this point is automated including the scrambling process on match day. Subscriber can also view the status of his/her application with date and time it was sent, when a program reviewed on a real time basis. System automatically process your applications soon after the unfilled list is published. It will electronically send them to all unfilled programs that fall into the criteria you selected. There is no limit in the number of programs it contact electronically and its FREE. You can cancel this order for a FULL REFUND with in 50 days or for a 90% refund any time before the scrambling day. Please login to the demo to learn more about the service and learn more about how this works technically.

One year subscription:   $250    

IMG Friendly Medical School Database:

Notice: We discontinued our Free FMG friendly database service.

Instead we have reintroduced our old service called FREIDA super search® This is a back ground Message Queue service which will take your search criteria and look against the FREIDA website in the real time and present it to you. This will help you go straight to the programs that matches your search instead of browsing through 6000 FREIDA programs to find the one matching your criteria. We have done the hard work for you.

FREIDA super search® is FREE

Step 2 CS test scheduling service: This service provides assistance to schedule Step 2 CS exam with your choice of date, time and center. This is helpful when you are in absolute necessity to get the exam scheduled as soon as possible. Please use this service only if it is necessary. We have no affiliation with NRMP or any of its agencies. Our operators constantly watch for availability and schedule the date as per the request. However, operators have no access to your information other than your customer ID and details of the requests like date, time and centers. It is not available to any one other than the system which uses SSL encryption to transfer important data. Please remember, when this service doesn't assure any of the choice, so far it was able to satisfy all customers. You can cancel this registration for a FULL REFUND within 50 days ( this is due to the payment system limitation) and 90% refund after that if there was no success in scheduling your exam. However, most of the requests are served within 10 days. Please login to the demo to learn more about this service.

Cost per registration:   $199    

Find a Resident Database: This one year subscription will give you unlimited access to our database which contains details of residency position that becomes available on a daily basis at Medical schools and hospitals all over the US. This database is created by collecting information in various means like directly contacting the program or even requested by them to attract more residents and the database is updated constantly even multiples time daily when needed. Please login to the demo to learn more.

One year subscription:   $100     View Now
Optional Service Credit (OSC): This is only required if you will use our service to send applications by fax or by mail (post). You don't need OSC credit to send your application electronically from your online portal. This can be cancelled for a FULL REFUND with in 50 days and for 90% refund ANY TIME after that.

Tip: Order it only when it is needed like just few days before the match day or when you are ready to send your application.

Cost per credit:   $10    

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