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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why some of Path2Residency.com services are not free anymore?
 We served the community with most of the important services for free since 2004. However, the cost towards running service has been increased considerably since then. A large investment was made to enhance the older system to the current to provide more service and better support. Also substantial amount of abuse of the service being free caused it difficult to control such events and often made long service interruptions in the past. Still the paid services are at a fraction of the cost of that our competitors' offer. WE PROVIDE A PRICE MATCH WITH AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF

2. Is Path2Residency Associated with any university or government agencies?
  No, PathToResidency.com is an independent company with no affiliation with any other organization

3. What is your refund policy?
  In most cases you can request for a full refund with 50 days. However, it depends on the type of service/subscription. Please click here for details.

4. How do you protect my personal/confidential information?
 Your personal and confidential information is stored with our highest security measure and is not shared by any external parties or staffs. Based on your request, your information can be transferred to necessary authorities like university or hospital. Please see our Privacy policy for more details

5. How the referral program works?
 We offer a referral bonus if an applicant referred by you order for a paid service. Please click here for more details

6. How you prepare for processing scrambling applications?
  NRMP scrambling is a very complicated process especially for those who are new to United States. Scrambling is the only hope for applicants who did not match to any program. However, most of the programs consider applications for unmatched  positions on a first come first serve basis. So reaching your application in the quickest and efficient way is the key of the success on scrambling day. We provide valuable information and guidelines for applicants who come to United States to pursue a medical residency program. We prepare their application packets and deliver them in our quickest possible way using our Instant Matching Engine to reach the program on scrambling day.

7. Do you send the entire application to the programs?
No, because that will congest the programs handling system. We only send a customized link to each application by email and a single paged highly briefed but information rich page by fax or post.

8. How do I create a free online application packet?
For each specialty the application will have to be customized. There are19 total sections for each application, however, 15 of them (Part A) are common to any specialties and only 4 sections in Part B are specialty specific. So you need to finish Part A only once. Then just create or copy any number of application packet. All you need to do is create Part B for each one. But you can easily copy from the first one and edit it to minimize the time.

9. Is sending application free?
Yes, you do not pay anything for creating and sending application online. For example, you can use our FREIDA Super Search for FMGs® and send application electronically and monitor its status in real time, all for free. You can also send your application online to a program that you know about. You only pay for optional services like sending your application packet by post,  or scramble it.

10. What is meant by "Certify" or "Signing off" an application?
Certifying an application means that the application packet is no more editable. When you certify your very first application, it will lock Part B (make read only)  of that application along with Part A. Then any subsequent application packets will only have lock the Part B of that packet.

11. What is meant by an "Active" application?
This pertains to scrambling (Post match) process only. If you want to participate in scrambling, you need to activate one application for each specialty that you want to scramble for. Activating an application means that it is ready for scrambling. Only certified (signed off) application can be active since you need to sign off any application before you can send them to any program. YOU NEED TO DEACTIVATE IF YOU WANT US TO STOP SCRAMBLING FOR ANY SPECIALTY. This can be easily done online by a single click.

12. What is meant by "Scrambling preferences"?
This is how you select your preferred specialty and location where you want to send your application on scrambling days. For example, if there is a program in State of California that has an unfilled position in Internal Medicine, and you selected California or Any state and Internal Medicine, then your application will be sent to this program

13. What is meant by "Linking" an application?
This pertains to scrambling (Post match) process only. An active application has to be linked to a scrambling subscription. However, you do not need to do this task, it is done automatically when you activate an application as long as you have ordered a scrambling subscription. You can unlink this subscription and link to another application packet if you like, provided that the previous application was not sent to any program yet.

13. I made a mistake in my certified application. Now what can be done?
The only way to correct that is to delete the entire packet and recreate it. But you can NOT delete an application that is active or if it was sent to any program.

15. I found I was matched on match day. Will you still scramble?
Yes, if you have activated your application. So we recommend you to go online and deactivate your scrambling and get a REFUND.

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