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Story of  Path2Residency.com


      PathToResidency.com was started by a company in Chicago called Pancat in December of 2003. PanCat was founded in 1999 in the midst of the dot-com boom. Its main goal is providing efficient business computing solution for small and medium sized companies. However, it was during the mid of 2003, when few of the Pancat family members itself were working towards a residency program in the US. As everyone know how hard it is, it became harder for them since they all were doctors from a foreign country. A small portion of the Pancat effort was turned towards helping them with the technologies for scheduling their exam dates, VISA appointments and of course helping the matching process. The talent of our technological experts was actually building a system, The Instant Matching Engine, that they thought it was never possible. It was found amazingly efficient, secure and extremely faster. And obviously Pancat wanted to continue the service for everyone who is interested. After one to many times of saying, “I wish there was an automated processing system online that had..." We realized there was a better way and that is how PathToResidency.com was born.

    As the foreign medical gradates who want to enter in to a US medical residency program are struggling to pace with their US counterparts, PathToResidency.com has been inspired by years of hard work and some common interests that have blended to form this company. The Internet has many resources that are "medical" or "physician oriented" that simply do not deliver focused service for talented med grads as they would have it. As a part of prospective medical grads family with an active interest in computers, technology, and the internet method of information delivery, this site was a natural extension of our own interests. The instant matching engine was built by a team of Engineers and obviously with the help of doctors from different specialties which will be used by our support team to reach the applications to the program directors in minutes after the match is published.


      Provide an affordable comprehensive service and support for Medical graduates seeking a US residency program. Right from helping to get a VISA appointment , Step 2 CS date booking and through the instant matching program for those who could not get a position in the main match.

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