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Free Sign up FREIDA Super Search and send application on line Preparing/editing your applicaiton Send an application now Check the who has viewed your application so far Be prepared for interview based on the status of your application Set your Post match scrambling preferences
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  • Integrated with the online application
  • Unlimited scrambling to any programs.
  • No spamming and overloading Program.
  • Easy to create and manage 
  • Peace of mind


  • User Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Updated daily



  • Unlike ERAS, you have full control.
  • Click & Send unlimited applications any time.
  • Easy to create and manage 
  • FREE and efficient
  • FREIDA Super Search for FMGs®


  What is USMLE Scrambling?
USMLE scrambling is on a "first come first serve"  basis, grab your position >
Let your application be the first one to reach the program directors >
Avoid waiting in front of the fax machines and delay on the scrambling day >
Don't wait until the last minute to prepare  all that documents >
Don't waste the valuable time to reach your applications >
Set up your preferred programs and specialties ,  we will do the rest >
Very affordable, user friendly set up in  steps. >
No more ink, no more paper-jams, no more hassle >
User friendly document preparation and | more>> >
Why Path2Residency.com?  
   A technological excellence for an affordable  and efficient solution. | More >>
What is FARList?
  Find list of available residency positions before you apply    | More >>
Post a question?
  Post it here and get a check  | More >
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